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Part A - General Information

Why have you chosen to be a franchisee?

What has attracted you to the Five Lads brand?

How did you hear about this franchising opportunity?

Do you have a location?

If yes, please provide the address:

Is the location on freehold or on leasehold?

Please list the city or town you would like to open a Five Lads store in:

Medical History - Please give details of any illnesses, operations, accidents*

Part B - Business Experience

Do you have any business operating experience?

If yes, then what type of business?:
Sole ProprietorPartnership

Company Profile

Do you have experience in the food industry?

If yes, please outline the previous experience:

Do you have any other business interests?

If yes, please provide the details:

Will you be running the day to day operation yourself or appoint a manager?

Do you currently have a franchise or had one in the past??

If yes, please provide the details:

Part C - Financial Details

Do you currently have the funds or are you waiting to receive the funds once the franchise is approved?

How much do you expect the total cost to be? Amount £ (GBP)

How much free capital do you have available to invest in the Five Lads franchise? Amount £(GBP)*

Have you ever had a business failure?*

If yes, please explain:

Have you ever declared personal bankruptcy?*

If yes, please provide the details, i.e. date, person(s) involved:

Part D - Declaration

I hearby declare that, to my best knowledge and belief, the above statement and particulars are true and complete. I also authorize you to make any enquiry you consider necessary in connection with this application. I undertake to furnish any alterations to the above particulars should I apply for further credit at any time in the future. I am aware that should this application be refused, no reason need be given.

I understand that any misrepresentation of factual information requested on this application form maybe a cause for removal from the Five Lads systems.

I agree

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